VhaBot NextGen

VhaBot is a multi-bot that is used in the MMPORG game, Anarchy Online by Funcom. Vhabot Nextgen is released as free open source software under the GNU General Public License (GPLv3) specifications.

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Church: The Measure Of Success

We are living in a day when the importance of the local church is not recognized by its own members. Many churches gauge attendance, financials and perks as means of measuring success. The bible gives us a clear path of true success.

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What Is In Your Reflection?

We all look in the mirror to see the reflection of our physical appearance to get a glimpse of what others may see. We also need to look into our spiritual mirror and see the reflection that God Sees.

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Snake Pit

Facing the Snake Pit

Christians are not immune to undergoing trials and tribulations throughout lives. Although we try to avoid falling into the “Snake Pit” of despair, we still find ourselves caught in trials and tribulations.
God has given us a way to climb out of those dark times, That is through His Son, Jesus Christ.

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Just Breathe

The first breath of God into man was during creation to give us a living soul. The Second breath was the Holy Spirit before Jesus ascended. We need to breathe in this second breath from God. Just Breathe.

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