BALEAF Men’s Athletic Tank Top Quick-Dry Running Shirt

Michael A. Hartmann

BALEAF Men’s Athletic Tank Top Quick-Dry Running Shirt



Light and Comfortable, perfect for mild weather!

Last updated on August 11th, 2019 at 11:04 pm

About the product

  • Fabric:100% polyester without decoloration and deformation
  • Machine Washable
  • Plaid and soft fabric wicks sweat and dries quickly to keep you cool
  • Flatlock and ergonomic seams allow greater range of motion
  • Suitable cut of armholes allow free movement
  • Classic fit meets your needs for running, jogging, workout, fitness, basketball and other sports







Upon removing the shirt from it’s packaging, it was obvious that this product is using an extremely lightweight material. Additionally, it is very noticeable how thin the material is. This shirt is composed of 100% polyester, which was surprising that it felt like silk.  I gave the material a moderate tension test and was surprised that this fine material did not tear. It appears to be very strong. Up to this point, I have never been so impressed with material make from polyester. This also is quite an attractive shirt.

I was curious about how thick the material was and the weight of the shirt that I felt the need to compare it to other tank tops that I use for running. I grabbed my industrial calipers and a fine scale and carefully measured each item.

As it turns out, this BALEAF Men’s Athletic Tank Top uses the finest and lightest material on a running tank that I currently own. This tank is only .16mm thick and weighs just 61 grams! I have included the table below to show the results of my testing.

Running Tank Top Comparison (Size Small)

BrandMaterialWeight (grams)Thickness (mm)
Generic 60% Cotton/40% Polyester840.25
Champion Running Duo Dry100% Polyester880.22
Generic100% Cotton1230.25
BALEAF Men's Athletic Tank Top Quick-Dry Running Shirt 100% Polyester610.16
EZRUN Men's Quick Dry Sport Tank Top90% Polyester/10% Spandex1170.19

Considering that the material is light and thin, a person can barely notice that they are wearing any top at all. I imagine that the smooth feel to the material makes it even better. I ordered a size small, which fits my 38 inch chest perfectly. The shirt was not too tight, nor was it too loose.

Running with this shirt on gives a runner a nice fluid motion with no issues with arm motion. The material retains a smooth feeling and does not irritate the skin. The feeling reminds me of sleeping with satin sheets.


With this lightweight polyester material, I expected the breathability and wicking abilities to have high distinctions. If we compare this top to cotton, there is no question that there is a considerable higher level of wicking. I would also contend that the material is a great improvement in any polyester top that I have ever used. However, it is after all, polyester.

I run at least 8 miles (12.8km) a day. Most of the time, I run in the early afternoon, around 3pm. The sun is still directly above me. In warmer temperatures, this heat offers challenges to any materials that I may have on. I have found that in temperatures around 80°F (20°C) and above that the material begins to lose the ability to wick fast enough. Even when there is a mild breeze, I am unable to feel the wind on my skin. So the breathability is better than other polyester tops I have used, but falls a bit short of my anticipations. On hot days, I find myself taking this top off around the 4 mile mark. I would suggest that this product is optimal in the 60°F to 75°F temperature range.


I purchased these shirts at Amazon. At the time of my purchases the cost was $13.99 and $14.99.  Considering that some running shirts of comparable quality can cost around $60, this offers a great product at an affordable price!

This top is lightweight, sleek, and attractive that is perfect for moderate temperatures. I would suggest choosing one of their high-visibility color options. If someone is running in the sun, I would avoid the black color that may absorb additional unwanted heat.  Overall, I would definitely recommend this if you want the best 100% Polyester shirt that money can buy!


  • Very lightweight
  • High visibility colors
  • Durable
  • Affordable


  • Decreased breathability benefits in warm temperatures (80F/27C and above)

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