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During the course of history, Chemical Warfare has been used by nations to obtain a strategic advantage over their enemies.  Chemical agents are designed to maim, kill, seriously injure, or incapacitate unprotected people.  These weapons have been used against military and civilian targets as well.  Due to the nature of these weapons, laws and treaties have been enacted to prevent the use of these weapons.  However, rouge countries continue to produce these weapons and the threat behind the use of chemical weapons is as real today as ever.

The McDonald’s Corporation has been beleaguered for their questionable business practices and ethics. Opponents claim that the corporation aggressively advertises low nutritional food products to children. Challengers also claim that the food is also causes health problems for children and adults as well. These ethical issues have placed the corporation in the spotlight as a representative of fast food restaurant industry. McDonald’s has escaped civil lawsuits thus far. However, the company has been unable to break away from ongoing criticism concerning the integrity within its social responsibility practices.

Whether you have recently moved to America or live out of the country, your perception of the culture in this country may be subject to what you have been exposed to.   These sources may have come from photographs, movies, music, news, or tourist visiting your country.  Unlike traditional countries in the Middle East, parts of Africa and Asia who have preserved customary culture for centuries, the United States seems to redefine its identity with the onset of each new decade.  To countless foreigners, American fashion, music, and automobiles stereotype the identity of Americans as a whole. We can examine each decade from the 1950s until now and form a relationship between perceived American identity and fashion, musical and automotive trends in the United States.

The harsh reality of an economic downturn is that companies must make decisions to perform budget cuts to compensate for diminishing revenues. Budget cuts can be comprised of a combination of sources. These include outsourcing, employee reductions, service reductions, employee benefit changes, organizational realignments, liquidation, or any resourceful techniques to decrease expenditures. Each decision carries its own incentives as well as consequences. Several of these decisions for reducing budget costs will be discussed.

Global trade expansion has been the goal of societies since the beginning of the concept of trade. Over the years, trade around the world has been restricted by political barriers, inadequate industrial technology, transportation expenses and long intervals. There have been communication deficiencies and the deficiency of global management awareness.

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