Business Management

Aerospace Financial Analysis Introduction The Aerospace and Defense Industry accounted for $209.1 billion in revenues in 2002. The Boeing Company and Lockheed Martin are among the top three revenue producers in the industry accounting for over $80 billion in sales (Yahoo, 2003). The industry has undertaken several mergers and acquisitions to create colossal industries such as Lockheed Martin and Boeing. A financial analysis of both companies will be performed based on the data retrieved on the respective companies based on their most recent annual reports.

The McDonald’s Corporation has been beleaguered for their questionable business practices and ethics. Opponents claim that the corporation aggressively advertises low nutritional food products to children. Challengers also claim that the food is also causes health problems for children and adults as well. These ethical issues have placed the corporation in the spotlight as a representative of fast food restaurant industry. McDonald’s has escaped civil lawsuits thus far. However, the company has been unable to break away from ongoing criticism concerning the integrity within its social responsibility practices.

The harsh reality of an economic downturn is that companies must make decisions to perform budget cuts to compensate for diminishing revenues. Budget cuts can be comprised of a combination of sources. These include outsourcing, employee reductions, service reductions, employee benefit changes, organizational realignments, liquidation, or any resourceful techniques to decrease expenditures. Each decision carries its own incentives as well as consequences. Several of these decisions for reducing budget costs will be discussed.

Global trade expansion has been the goal of societies since the beginning of the concept of trade. Over the years, trade around the world has been restricted by political barriers, inadequate industrial technology, transportation expenses and long intervals. There have been communication deficiencies and the deficiency of global management awareness.

The globalization of markets is one of the major forces impacting companies worldwide. As the world progresses toward global economic trade, companies seek opportunities to expand their presence around the world. Strategic Managers must gain knowledge of global marketing strategies in the event that their company elects to enter the global market. Marketers must also be prepared to educate themselves on the transition from domestic to global marketing to protect themselves from global companies abroad. A presentation on the fundamentals of global marketing management will be discussed.

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